Prizes & Awards


Winner, Ondaatje Prize from the Royal Society of Literature for the best work (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) in English evoking the spirit of a place (2022)

Winner, Lumo Skëndo Prize for the Best Work in Albanian Nonfiction (2022)

Winner, Slightly Foxed First Biography Award (2022)

Finalist, The Baillie Gifford Prize for the best non-fiction book published in the English language (2021).

Finalist, Costa Prize for Memoir and Biography (2021)

Finalist, Gordon Burn Prize for the boldest and most innovative fiction and nonfiction


Prospect Magazine 2022 World’s Top 10 Thinkers

Philip Leverhulme Prize for early stage researchers “whose work has had international impact and whose future research career is exceptionally promising” (£100.000), 2019.

Finalist APSA’s Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award for “The Meaning of Partisanship” as the best book on government, politics or international affairs published in 2016. 

Promotion to Professor Teaching Excellence Prize, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2016.

Winner of Brian Barry Prize for Excellence in Political Science awared by the British Academy forthe article “Mandatory Citizenship for Immigrants” co-authored with H. De Schutter, 2014.

Annual Montreal Political Theory Manuscript Workshop Award for “The Meaning of Partisanship” in 2014.

Philosophers’ Annual, selection of  “What’s wrong with colonialism” as one of the ten best articles published in philosophy for 2013.

Outstanding Teaching Performance Prize, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2013. (Nominated again by the LSE Student Union for excellence in teaching in 2014)

Runner-up for the “Gregory Kavka Prize” for the best article published in political philosophy in 2008-2009, American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, 2011.

Winner of the essay competition ‘Reframing Human Rights’, Coninx Foundation, Humboldt University & Social Science Reseach Centre (WZB) Berlin, selected out of 153 contributions from 62 countries, 2005.

Quarter-finalist team member at the Karl Popper International Debate ‘Open societies require open borders’ organized by the Open Societies Institute in Riga, Latvia, 1997.

First prize (national best speaker) at the Open Societies Institute national debate ‘Censorship of individual expression for the good of society is justified’, 1996.

First prize (national best team) at the debate ‘Majorities have the duty to protect the minorities’, 1996.

First prize, international literary competition, International Centre of Culture, Music & Arts, Italy, 1996.

Honourable mention, international literary competition, Sole d’Italia, Italian daily, Belgium, 1993.

Honourable mention at the Olympiad of Mathematics, Durres, Albania, 1990.


The New Institute (Hamburg) Research Grant (about 2000 euros a month) (2021-22)

Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers (c. € 83.000 over 18 months)

Horizon 2020, Marie Curie Rise Project on “Kant in South America”(with Luigi Caranti, € 108.000 only for LSE part over 3 years 2019-2021, total value of grant € 544.500)

Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (€50,000 for research leave replacement 2014-2015)

Australian Research Council, Discovery Grant (with Robert E. Goodin, Christian H. Barry, Gerhard E. Overland), project on “Benefitting from Injustice” (A$ 309,000 over 3 years, 2011-4).

Fellowship from Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin for the Summer Institute for Advanced Studies, 2007, 2008.

Fellowship from Irmgard Coninx Stiftung at the Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin, 2007.

Fellowship from Council of Europe at Europa Kolleg (German Language Institute) Kassel, 2006.

Fellowship from the Italian Foreign Ministry at the Philosophy Department, Rome ‘La Sapienza’, 2003.

Fellowship from the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies for workshop on European contractarianism’2003.

Scholarship from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, 1998-2003.

Scholarship from Open Society Institute at the University of Rome, ‘La Sapienza’, 1998.